Please read the important message below from Lorie Mertens-Black Director of Parking & Intergovernmental Affairs.


Frank De Risi  VP  HBCA

In anticipation of the transition of the Johnson Street complex, staff has taken steps to alert the public to changes to parking, traffic and facility closures. Park and playground equipment has been removed. The Johnson Garage will close at 12:01 a.m. on July 8; the Johnson Lot and street parking will close on July 9. The parking office has placed banners in and around the Johnson Street lot and garage for visitors to see as they park and walk toward the beach. Additional banners are being hung today on the west, south and north sides of the garage so drivers along A1A are alerted to the closure. Banners have been placed adjacent to the south side of Johnson Street and on Michigan Street to notify of parking closures. Traffic on Michigan Street and Johnson Street will become one way and limited to local traffic only.

The CRA has updated the beach parking map to reflect public and private inventory and the list of trolley stops. Parking staff has been handing out the parking maps at the Johnson Garage and lot for the last couple of weekends and will continue through July 7. In addition, we are putting notices on the master meters to advise of the parking closures. The parking map is being blown up and has been posted on the back side of master meters in the area. See attached photos.  Public Affairs staff has created a link on the front page of the city website to include the parking map.

The CRA will update the map as additional provisional lots become available. The portable display signs will be going up along A1A after the Holliday weekend at the north end near Sheridan Street and at the south end near Hollywood Blvd. They have scheduled a public meeting for Friday, June 28, 4:30 p.m. to provide adjacent property owners with an update on how they will be impacted. The CRA is also proposing to add a trolley to the north/south circulator connection along A1A. This will reduce headways even further to encourage visitors to park at remote locations along Hollywood Beach.

Weekly meetings are being held with City and CRA staff, the Margaritaville developers, and the contractor to discuss issues and finalize the plan for transition.

If you have any questions, please call.

Lorie Mertens-Black

Director of Parking & Intergovernmental Affairs

City of Hollywood