Loire Mertens-Black, Hollywood Chief Civic Affairs Officer, recently updated the City commission on the Broward Beach Management Program.The following is a brief summary. 

If you wish to receive the complete presentation, please let us know by requesting it through this email.

                      Broward Beach Management ProgramThe Broward Beach Management Program started in 1970 with the main objective to protect $ 4 billion of upland infrastructure, provide recreational space and protect marine life. The project was divided in three segments.  Segment lll covers the beaches south of the port, including Hollywood Beaches.

The last re-nourishment was completed in 2012 as an interim project in two hot spots areas: north of Sheridan St and south of Magnolia St.  The cost of about $ 3 Million was funded by the Hollywood Community Redevelopment Agency ( CRA ) . The city secured a 10 year permit that allows for multiple re-nourishments.

The County staff is developing priorities and goals for Segment III.  The components include continued re-nourishment with an initial full length project and periodic maintenance projects with the goal to maintain a 75 ft. beach.   It also may include the Port Everglades Sand By- Pass, Dune creation and vegetation, managed retreat in certain areas and John U Lloyd (JUL) Park groin extension.

The Sand By-Pass consists of removing sand from the north side of the inlet and transferring it to the south side. It is expected to produce between 30% and 50% of the annual sand needed southward at JUL Park. The By-pass will take 6 months to construct starting in 2017.  Project is currently in the final stages of permitting.

Part of the next steps include seeking a 15 year permit, selecting a consultant for planning, design and permitting under the umbrella of a federal project to preserve cost sharing opportunities. Traditionally funds are:  Federal 58 % , State 50% of the non Federal Share,  the rest by local sources.  Construction is anticipated in 2019/20.  

                                                      End of the Summary.

             Hollywood Beach Civic Association Comment: 

The anticipated completion dates are far into the future.  The hot spots continue to lose sand at a fast rate.  It is likely that interim projects will be needed to provide protection both for personal safety and asset preservation. We continue to urge the county to conduct regular re-nourishment and implement other strategies to preserve the beach.

Although we welcome all the efforts and progress that the county staff has made, we are concerned that the chronic delays of the By-pass, the lack of  hot spot interim remedies and the long timeframe before the next extensive re-nourishment will leave Segment III in a vulnerable state..


Frank DeRisi
Hollywood Beach Civic Association