February 12, 2014

Mayor Barbara Sharief

Broward County Commission

115 S. Andrews Ave.   Room 410

Fort Lauderdale, Fl 33301


Dear Mayor Sharief,

The Hollywood Beach Civic Association is extremely concerned and shocked to learn that the Broward County Commission will be considering a request from the Florida Panthers for an additional county subsidy. These funds would be distributed out of the Tourist Development Tax “Bed Tax “.  We strongly oppose the use of Bed Tax funds to satisfy the request of The Florida Panthers for the following major reasons:

  • The continued effect of erosion on our beaches has been relentless. There is no long term solution in sight.  Beach re-nourishment is currently the only partial remedy and therefore must be funded on an ongoing basis. Bed Taxes, which are generated mostly by beach communities, have been used to fund re-nourishment.  Any decrease in the availability of these funds is unacceptable.
  • In addition to the benefits that well-maintained beaches bring to tourism, it is necessary to preserve an adequate amount of beach sand as a safety barrier in case of storms and hurricanes. Therefore, the issue is not only one of county and city economics, but it is also one of personal safety and protection of our investments.
  • Government at County, State and Federal levels have failed to act with resolve on the Port Everglades Sand By-Pass for the last 4 decades.  We are shocked to hear that the commission will consider depleting beach re-nourishment funds while postponement of the sand by-pass project persists.
  • Broward County’s main attraction is our beaches.  Any delay in needed beach re-nourishments will cause a decrease in the number of visitors that will impact more than one season. The repercussions will carry into future seasons with devastating effects on the county’s economy in general, and job creation in particular.
  • Finally, the choice should be clear. Do you divert funds from the engine (the beach) that has successfully fueled Broward County’s economic growth for years into a project that has not proven its’ complete viability at this time?

We strongly urge the County Commission to Support Beach Re-nourishment and not to use Bed Tax funds to satisfy the Florida Panthers request.

Frank De Risi, VP HBCA on Behalf of the Board of the Hollywood Beach Civic Association


Cc : Broward County Commission.

Hollywood City Commission.

Hollywood City Manager

Jorge Camejo  CRA Director

Andrew Zullo, HBCA President

To: 1512 HBCA members and Residents