The Hollywood Beach Civic Association (HBCA) is extremely concerned with the proposed changes to the Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA), including the potential  abolishment, presented at the last budget meeting.

In view of the budget workshop that will take place on Thursday, August 27, at 1PM, at City Hall, a representative from the HBCA will make our position clear to the City Commission. The statement below will be read at citizens comments, tomorrow, Wednesday, August 26, at the commission meeting, at 5 pm, at City Hall.


“Dear Mayor Bober and Commissioners, The Hollywood Beach Civic Association (HBCA) is against dissolving the beach CRA!

Past history and experience has shown that Hollywood has often been short changed when dealing with the county. We do not want to bring another layer of unfavorable bureaucracy into our future. A few examples: the airport ramp, the episodes of our bed tax and the Florida Panthers, and the never ending story of the sand by-pass delayed for decades to the detriment of the beaches south of the Port in favor of one single neighborhood in Fort Lauderdale, should be reminders of what we can expect from any negotiations with the County.

No citywide funds are used for the beach CRA or beach projects. Both are solely funded by tax dollars coming from beach residents and its businesses. Part of those tax dollars would go back to the county if the CRA were to be dissolved.

The Beach and its CRA are the main contributors to the City’s economic growth.

The proposed change is only being considered due to a shortage in the City’s budget. In fact, the CRA is the backbone for the development that has invigorated our beach which brings more tax dollars to the city. Investors, developers and rating agencies will not look favorably to dissolving the very engine that will continue to fuel prosperity.

The City, as a whole, will ultimately be in worse financial shape without the CRA.

If the CRA is dissolved it may only solve the budget crisis temporarily but will hurt the city in the long run.

To dissolve our CRA now would jeopardize all the work that has been done and future projects that still need to be done. Just not having blight is not enough to compete with the likes of Fort Lauderdale and South Beach.

On a beach lack of sand “is” blight. This is going to be our problem for years and blight is here to stay.

The above is only a partial list of why, we are absolutely against dissolving the Hollywood Beach CRA.

Thank you!

Frank De Risi

On behalf of the HBCA Board.


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