Dear All  (1435 HBCA Recipients)The first reading for an ordinance regarding Motorized Vehicles on the Broadwalk is on the agenda at the Regular City Commission Meeting of this Wednesday, November 20.  The item is scheduled at 3 pm.  See notice below.  There will be Citizens Comments at 5 pm.
In addition you will also find below an email message sent to city officials on this subject.
Frank De Risi , VP Hollywood Beach Civic Association.

3:00 PM 17. PO-2013-22 –
Ordinance First Reading – An Ordinance Of The City Of
Hollywood, Florida, Amending Chapter 99 Of The Code Of Ordinances
Entitled “Municipal Beach” To Prohibit The Use Of Devices (Which Are
Not Operated Exclusively By Human Power) On The Broadwalk;
Providing For A Severability Clause, A Repealer Provision, And An
Effective Date. Staff: Director Of Parks, Recreation And Cultural Arts
Sent: Monday, November 18, 2013 8:15 PM

To:  Commissioner Patricia Asseff
CC : Mayor Bober;  Commissioners  Blattner, Biederman, Callari, Hernandez, Sherwood; City Manager and City Attorney, CRA director; HBCA Board.

Dear Commissioner Asseff,

An ordinance on the issue of Motorized Vehicles on the Broadwalk is on the next commission meeting agenda. Please consider the following comments which are based on my experience as a Beach Ambassador for the last 6 months, logging in over 70 volunteers hours, as a seven year resident of Hollywood Beach and a five year board member of the Hollywood Beach Civic Association.

Last time the commission considered Motorized Vehicles on the Boardwalk the only real consensus was that speed of motorized and human powered vehicles was the main issue.   There was also a lot of concern for the so called Banana Bikes. But there are some serious additional problems that must be considered. Here are only three of them:
1.        The major difference between Motorized and Human Powered Vehicles (for the purpose of this discussion) is not the speed achievable (which may or may not be similar) but the experience of those using them. There are 0.86 human powered bicycles per household in the USA. The number of Motorized Vehicles per household is not known but thought to be minimal. This is the essential difference regarding the safety of those using the Broadwalk.   Visitors renting human powered bikes are likely to have a bike at home.   Therefore, when they rent on our Broadwalk, they are renting to enjoy the view and the amenities while biking.   They are experienced users and consequently they are safer operators. Those renting Motorized Bikes are doing it for the thrill of using something new and exciting. The immense majority of these visitors do not have any experience with these vehicles and therefore, we must not allow these users to gain experience at our potentially dangerous expense.
2.        The real challenge for any ordinance is to make the Broadwalk into a place of leisure where everyone can feel comfortable and safe as pedestrian or as bike rider. The bicycle lane should not be used for training that requires speed, as it is often used. The inclusion of Motorized Vehicles is not conducive to slow things down.   On the contrary, it may send the wrong message to those who are speeding already on their human powered bikes. Motorized Bikes are seen as a way to move fast with very little physical effort.   It will add another unsafe set of circumstances, especially during those crowded weekends and holidays.
3.        The amount of police man hours needed to control a situation, where all types of vehicles are permitted on the Broadwalk, may be prohibitive at this point in time. Furthermore, there is no evidence from conversations I have had with renters that any sort of safety tips or recommendations are passed along to the users by the vendors. These two conditions should further confirm that it is  not prudent to allow Motorized Vehicle on the Broadwalk at this time.
Finally, the feedback received from both Broadwalk users as a Beach Ambassador and from residents that communicate with the Hollywood Beach Civic Association has been overwhelming against Motorized Vehicles on the Broadwalk.

“Named one of America’s Best Beach Boardwalks by Travel + Leisure magazine, this brick-paved thoroughfare is a haven for joggers, bicyclists, roller-bladers and all who’d prefer to take in the action from the comfort of one of the countless eateries and cafés along the way.”
Imagine how less inviting the above quote will look, if “Motorized Vehicles” is added.
I urge the commission to have the safe enjoyment  of all users in mind when deliberating on this subject.
Thank you for your attention,
Frank De Risi
Beach Ambassador Volunteer
VP. Hollywood Beach Civic Association.
Resident of the Alexander Towers.