The Broward County Commissioners will consider increasing the Tourist Development tax ( bed tax/transient rental tax ) by one penny per dollar bringing the rate up to 6 %. This will generate an additional $ 10 million. This tax is paid by visitors when staying in hotels or other short term rentals.  The issue was introduced by County Commissioner Stacy Ritter.Commissioner Wexler, Chair of the Tourist Development Council, and Commissioner Holness also supported the increase.Commissioner Chip La Marca showed support indicating “….This revenue should be used to promote the proposed convention center and to take care of our coast line that brings so many tourists”


Commissioner Beam Furr (Hollywood Beach is part of his district) stated “I do think there needs to be a dedicated stream of money going toward beach maintenance. People are coming to the beaches and that is going to be an expensive proposition. We actually need to look at it as a maintenance project, and an ongoing maintenance project.  So I would be interested in entertaining that additional tax for that,”


The Hollywood Beach Civic Association will continue to monitor this issue attentively. HBCA members will remember that in March of 2014, we urged the County Commission not to divert the bed tax funds away from the Beaches which need constant re-nourishment and maintenance. We agree with the comments made by Commissioners La Marca and Furr regarding the use of the tourist tax for our beaches.

The Bed Tax needs to be used to Maintain our Beaches – because Beaches are the reason people come to our beds.


Please let me know if you need a copy of the full press release.

Sources: Broward County News Release and HBCA


Frank DeRisi
Hollywood Beach Civic Association