HBCA monitors and provides information on topics that have the potential to affect our community.   We provide this service because it is difficult for any individual or business to remain current on the vast number of surfacing issues.  We have representatives at most Hollywood and County Commission and Committee meetings.  We are often also present at several other associations and organizations meetings whenever the agenda pertains to Hollywood Beach.  We share this pertinent information with our community. This allows you, the resident, to make informed decisions and lets our elected officials know that the community has a voice.   HBCA is a community voice of many.

Our current priorities include but are not limited to monitoring:

  • Beach Erosion and Environmental issues
  • Property Development
  • Safety and Security on the Broad Walk and the rest of Barrier Island
  • Traffic Control on A1A and adjacent streets.
  • Beautification and reconfiguration of Ocean Dr.
  • Education Classes Covering Condominium Issues.
  • Changes in Condominium Laws.
  • Code Enforcement.